Tax Compliance & Planning

We’ll cultivate the appropriate strategy to help you avoid the common pitfalls of risks and liabilities for your entity.

What’s the one thing all individuals and businesses have in common? Taxes. Creating and managing a proper tax strategy will ensure your business remains in compliance with the latest laws and regulations but also assists in helping you reach your desired financial goals.

Our team will assess your current tax strategy and develop an innovative plan specific to your unique situation, to maximize your profits and avoid common tax pitfalls.

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Tax Planning

Tax Consulting and Planning for Businesses

Understanding and complying with specific industries’ unique and intricate regulatory guidelines is crucial to your business’ success. Our team assists with various tax services, including tax return preparation, tax representation, minimizing tax liabilities, evaluating and advising on the tax consequences of sales, acquisitions, restructuring and reorganization of business entities, tax effects of buy-sell agreements, and impacts of executive compensation agreement transactions. Whatever tax complexities your business may face, we can develop a solution uniquely tailored to meet your demands.

High Net Worth Individuals and Family Wealth

For more than 20 years, we have provided family office accounting services to assist High Net Worth Individuals and Families with a variety of their unique financial and accounting needs. With combined decades of experience, we understand the complexities these individuals face and can assist with bill pay and maintaining a proper financial filing system in-house for critical documentation, including insurance policies, loans, estate planning, tax planning, and everything in between. We can also assist in developing and managing cash flow budgeting and appropriate financial status reporting for various investments on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” tax plan or strategy. Our tax team will work with your other professional advisors to analyze and cultivate the appropriate tax techniques needed to meet your unique portfolio and desired financial goals. We can advise and assist in minimizing tax expenses, evaluating the tax consequences of investment opportunities, real estate transactions, deferred compensation plans, and generational wealth planning. We understand the complexities you face and can provide detailed assistance and unrivaled attention to your needs as they arise.

Estates and Trusts

Leaving a lasting legacy for the future generations of your family is an invaluable gift. Through a variety of service options, our experienced team will work closely with your estate planning attorney to assist in creating the right fiduciary plan to maximize wealth while minimizing liabilities related to estates, trusts, and gift taxation. In addition, we can provide probate reporting as well as preparation and filing of Forms 706 and 1041.

For decades, we have worked closely and have long-standing relationships with attorneys and investment advisors. We can confidently offer referrals for services for firms that clients can trust with their legal, investment, and estate planning needs.

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